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The future CEO’s answer to ‘profit or purpose?'

What would Gen Ys focus on if they were the CEOs of their organisations? Adam Kingl does the research.

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Urs Rohner, Chairman, Credit Suisse Group

“Banking will not be done in the same fashion that it used to be.”

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Leadership lessons from Dubai

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez on how there are clear lessons to be learnt from Dubai.

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What makes your ideas succeed?

Michael Bikard has conducted the first twin studies of new knowledge, looking at how and why some ideas succeed and others fail.

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Disrupting banking

Can online P2P lenders deliver disruptive innovation to the world of banking? Paul Jeffery and David Arnold offer their assessment.

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Business analytics in the age of Big Data

Gah-Yi Vahn makes sense of Big Data, truly a 21st century industry.

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Gary Hamel: What I mean when I talk about innovation

Gary Hamel is intent on shaking up the very foundations of management. He explains why to Stuart Crainer.

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My day: Gianmaria Fulgenzi, Ferrari

Gianmaria Fulgenzi, Head of Sports Car Development for Ferrari in Italy, opens his diary to Mark Edwards, Programme Director, Executive Education at London Business School.

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Organisational ambidexterity

Understanding an ambidextrous organisation is one thing, making it a reality is another. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez provides an execution roadmap.

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Hoxton adventures with venture capital

Hussein Kanji, co-founder of the European early stage find, Hoxton Ventures, talks entrepreneurially with BSR.

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